Hydrodemolition is a technique for the demolition of concrete structures without vibrations, without quartz dust and without the contact noise of pneumatic equipment. As pioneer and innovator in the field of hydrodemolition, we can carry out work that seemed impossible until recently. With high pressure water jets, we remove the exact amount of concrete from the structure that is needed, without structural damage to the part that needs to remain intact. And without adverse effects to people and the environment. It is for good reason that the trade association recommends applying hydrodemolition.




With our hydrodemolition techniques, we can remove contaminated concrete, refractory material and grout while retaining the surrounding structures. With water under high pressure, we spray away the concrete between the rebar and can remove old finishing layers, clean contaminated surfaces and even cut through entire concrete or steel columns. We use our own set of machines with ultra-high-pressure machines, driven by experienced operators using robotics and with a minimal load on people and the environment. If desired, the water drawn from a nearby source can be collected and purified before it is discharged. No carcinogenic quartz dust is released with hydrodemolition. That makes this technique a very sustainable choice for the demolition or treatment of concrete and steel structures.

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